Unlocking the solar energy potential of all roofs

RABLE manufactures an innovative mounting structure for solar panels. A solution that allows mounting of solar panels on all flat roofs, even when the roof construction is very weak. With the potential to equip all rooftops with solar energy using our zero-ballast solar support system, we can protect nature and accelerate the energy transition.

Energy transition & mission


The potential of the renewable electricity production is insufficiently exploited. Almost 50% of the roof surfaces in the Netherlands have been considered “unsuitable” for solar due to structural limitation. Thanks to RABLE, this is a challenge of the past.


Our mission is to unlock the solar energy potential of all roofs. Without expensive constructive adjustments for roofs with limited or severe construction constraints. And create a time-saving and frictionless installation with our pre-mounted, folding mechanism. 


RABLE designs and manufactures the ultimate solution for roofs that cannot handle the extra weight, which comes with the traditional mounting systems. Due to its self-supporting and light construction there is no need for ballast or extensive anchoring.

RABLE introduction

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Time-saving and frictionless installation


The system is attached to the roof only at the roof columns or – beams, while hovering over the roof plates

RABLE Standard / East West

The RABLE standard can support four (4) panels per frame and can span up to 10 meters on roof columns or beams

RABLE XXL / East West

The RABLE XXL can support eight (8) panels per frame and can span up to 25 meters on roof columns or beams



When can the RABLE mounting system be used?

The RABLE system is a good solution for all flat roofs. It is a cost-effective solution for regular roofs, which can be installed quickly due to its fold-out system. For weak roofs, it is a unique solution because the self-supporting system distributes weight very evenly. Roofs with a load-bearing capacity of at least 7 kg/m2 (depending on the type of panel) can be fitted with a RABLE mounting system for solar panels.

Is RABLE also suitable for (stone wool) insulation roofs?

RABLE is unique due to its self-supporting system, which uses lattice technology. The system supports its own weight and that of the panels. It can therefore be applied directly to weak roofs without structural renovation (and investments) to buildings with limitations in the roof construction. Ballast is also not necessary. This prevents a lot of work in the purchase, transport, and proper placement of ballast. Inspection also goes faster because this aspect can be skipped.

How? The rails only rely on the support beams of the building, and there is (almost) no pressure on the insulation on the roof. With the right anchor arrangement, weight can be prevented from supporting the insulation above the support beams.

How is the system attached to the roof?

With roof anchors at the end of the construction for processing uplift. For a recent project, 4 anchors were placed over 240 panels. Depending on the size of the “field,” RABLE can have up to 80% fewer roof anchors compared to conventional anchored systems.

Does it work with any type of panel?

RABLE is suitable for all types of solar panels, regardless of weight or size. We use industry-standard mounting clamps, and we have taken into account the different dimensions that panels can have.

Are there installers who use RABLE systems?

A number of installers in the Netherlands, both small and large, are actively working with RABLE. Both for the installation of the first projects as well as in the preparation of new projects. Looking for an installer? Feel free to contact us.

How does RABLE help me in project preparation?

RABLE has a good relationship with the roof constructors and can quickly determine is RABLE can be deployed. With some exceptions, RABLE can be used on any flat roof. We then provide a layout plan and a Bill of Material to make project implementation as quickly as possible. By starting in collaboration with a roof constructor, the lead time for RABLE is generally much faster than other systems.

What certificates are there?

The RABLE system has the required certificates in connection with corrosion requirements and NEN 1010. Installation plans are provided in accordance with the requirements of NEN 7250, based on the Eurocodes for snow and wind loads.

During installation/folding out the system, is there too much weight on one spot on the roof?

For a short period, you can overload the maximum capacity. Folding out a 10-meter section takes about 1 minute.

Do the tension cables of RABLE cause energy loss?

The steel cables cause limited shadow casting, resulting in a yield loss of < 1%. It is good to know that RABLE has a lane every 4 panels (instead of every 2 panels with a traditional mounting system). This more than compensates for the small amount of energy loss of the steel cable.

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