The RABLE mountingsystem is a technologically advanced design based on a truss-design. This includes both longitudinal and transverse trussing, resulting in a rigid and stable structure. The unique aspect of this system is the patented tension cable that runs longitudinally, making the system self-supporting.

Thanks to this self-supporting feature, the RABLE substructure can handle a maximum span of 25 meters where the system rests on the existing roof beams or rafters. This ensures no or very limited load on the roof panels.

The RABLE substructure is ballast-free and is mounted on the roof with minimal roof anchor points at the ends of the structure. In fact, the RABLE substructure can already provide a suitable solution for roofs that cannot support more than 7 kg of ballast per square meter, without structural modifications to the roof.

RABLE4roofs / East West

The RABLE4roofs allows for spans of up to 10 meters on roof columns or beams, making the system suitable for (weak) flat roofs. In addition, the efficient unfolding mechanism ensures smooth installation, ideal for roof maintenance or relocation!

RABLE8 / East West

The RABLE8, the revolutionary system that is twice the size of the standard version. Thanks to this size, the RABLE8 can effortlessly achieve spans of up to 25 meters on roof columns or beams. With fewer runs, namely one run per 8 panels instead of one run per 2 panels, the RABLE8 generates a higher yield per square meter. Maximize your potential with the RABLE8!


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